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Parish Presbytery

Parish Office Times

36, Triq Idmejda, Balzan BZN1520 | Tel - 21448333 | Email –


9.00am - 11.00am


4.00pm - 6.00pm


4.00pm - 6.00pm

Baptism celebrated every first Sunday of the month at 6.15pm

Registration for baptism has to be done at least 3 weeks before, bringing along the following:

  • Written Permission from respective Parish Priests for godfather/godmother


Two years before marriage the Parish Priest has to be informed of the Marriage date. Couples are to personally book for the Marriage Preparatory Course.


Bring the necessary forms. In the case of those under-18 years of age the mother and the father have to be present to sign in presence of parish priest.

Church Opening Times

On weekdays: 7.00am - 10.00am | 5.00pm - 7.00pm


On Sundays: 7.00am - 12.30pm | 4.30pm - 6.30pm


Parish Mass Times

Monday - Friday: 7.15am | 8.30am | 6.30pm

Saturday: 7.15am | 8.30am | 5.15pm | 6.30pm

Sunday: 7.30am | 8.30am | 9.30am | 11.30am | 5.30pm

Parish Presbytery

Dun Carmelo Farrugia (Administrator) - 21442614 Email:


Dun Lino Azzopardi

Dun Joe Galea Curmi – 21442799

Other priests resident in the Parish

Mons Prof Vincent Borg – 21442206

Mons. Salvino Micallef – 27010376

Parish Groups

Society of Christian Doctrine (M.U.S.E.U.M.)

Girls Section

219, Main Street, Balzan BZN1252

Contact Person: Therese Scerri - Tel: 21493177



1st Holy Communion, 1st, 2nd & 3rd year Confirmation years 5 and 6
Monday & Thursday 5.30pm – 6.25pm
Year 4 and Form 2 to 5 Wednesday & Friday 5.30pm – 6.25pm
From year 5 up Saturday & Sunday (Saturday 6.30pm – 8.00pm)
Sundays: Hikes in Winter & Swimming in Summer at 3.30pm
Every 2nd Sunday of the month a special Mass for children at 9.30am

Boys Section

25, Three Churches Street, Balzan BZN1300

Email:  -  Web:

Contact Person: Pierre Bellia - Tel: 21499547


Year 1 – 4 Monday & Thursday at 5.45pm – 6.30pm
Year 5 Tuesday & Friday at 7.00pm – 7.45pm
Preparatorja to Aspiranti:
Monday to Saturday (except Wednesday) at 7.00pm – 7.45pm
Sunday 10.00am – 10.30am

Sunday: 8.30am Mass for all children. Outing at 3.00pm (Winter) & 3.30pm (Summer)

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

82, St Francis Street, Balzan BZN1422 Tel: 21482896

Superiors: Sr Maureen O'Reilly - Email:

Sr. Carmen Delia - Email:


Sr. Victoria Agius - Email:

Lauds: Monday to Saturday 6.40am, Sundays and Feasts 8.00am. Vespers: 5.45pm.

Daily Adoration: Monday to Sunday: 9.00am - noon, 5.00pm - 6.00pm. Monday to Sunday: 5.00pm – 5.45pm.

Sunday Mass : 8.30am.

Good Shepherd Sisters (Tar-Raghaj it-Tajjeb)

Good Shepherd Convent, 22, Idmejda Street, Balzan BZN 1520 Tel: 21488438

Superior: Suor Doris Saliba - Email:

Mass:  Daily 7.45am / Sunday 9.00am

Sisters of Charity (Sorijiet Tal-Karita')

Home for Elderly Sisters, 55, Birbal Street, Balzan BZN 9017

Superior: Sr Maryann Camilleri - Tel: 21442048


Monday to Sunday Mass at 6.30pm

Neocathecumenal Way (Mixja Neokatekumenali)

Contact Person: Ian Paul Vella - Tel: 21235626 / 79007911 / Email:

Meetings : Tuesdays/Wednesdays at 7.30pm Celebration of the Eucarist Saturdays 7.30pm

Lauds in church: Advert and Lent  Monday to Friday at 6.15am

Catholic Action (Azzjoni Kattolika)

Female Section, President: Mona Bellizzi - Tel: 21492288

Meetings at the Parish Centre Tuesdays at 9.15am. Prayer Meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Ladies Section, President: Carmen Deguara - Tel: 21444551

Meetings at Parish Centre every 2nd Monday of the month at 5.00pm

Legion of Mary (Legjun ta' Marija)

Female Section, Contact Person: Censina Calleja - Tel: 21430316

Meetings at the Parish Centre every Thursday at 5.15pm

Male Section, Contact Person: Joseph Tortell - Tel: 21485553 - 79810277 / Email:

Meetings at Parish Centre every Wednesday at 10.15am

Focolare Movement (Moviment tal-Fokolari)

Contact Person: Angele Cassar - Tel: 21445518 / Email:

Meetings 1st Monday of the month at 7.15pm

Mother and Child

Contact Person: Angele Cassar - Tel: 21445518 (except July - September) Email:

Meetings every Tuesday at the Parish Centre from 9.30am - 11.30am.

Youth Centre (Centru Zghazagh) - Tel: 21470245 / 27005896

Contact Person: Reuben DeGabriele - Mob: 99474370 - Email:

All meetings at the Youth Centre, 36 Idmejda Street, Balzan BZN 1520

Pre-Teens Group every Wednesday  at 7.00pm

Group Teenagers from 14 to 17 years: every Friday at 7.3

Group 18+ every Wednesday at 8.30pm

Animation of 11.30am Mass every 1st Sunday at the Parish Church

Senior Citizens Group (Centru Socjali ghall-Anzjani)

Contact Person: Polly Sargent - Tel: 21443858 / 79443888 - Email:

Meetings every Monday (except the first Monday of the month) at the Parish Centre at 4.30pm.

Meetings are not held from July to the 3rd week of September.

Fund Raising Group

Contact Person: Ms Cecilia Abela Tel: 21435573 Email:

Coffee Morning every third Wednesday of the month at Parish Hall (Aurora) at 9.00am

Mothers' Group (Grupp Ommijiet)

Contact Person: Mary Gambin - Tel: 21442904 / 99295313

Meetings every Wednesday at the Parish Centre at 9.15am.

Group Friends (Grupp Hbieb)

Contact Person: Marion Agius - Tel: 21443118

Parish Choir  "AVE MARIA" (Kor Parrokkjali)

Contact Person: Lawrence Scicluna - Tel: 27447278 / 79287863

Meetings at 213, Main Street, Balzan every Thursday at 7.15pm

Parish Pastoral Council

Contact Person: Angele Cassar – Tel: 21445518 / Email:

Liturgy Commission (Kummissjoni Liturgija)

Chairperson: Stephen Gatt – Tel: 21486215 / 99493249 Email:

Catechetical Commission (Kummissjoni Kateketika)

Tel: 21442614

Diaconate Commission (Kummissjoni Djakonija)

Contact Person: Joseph Zammit – Tel: 99433871 Email:

Youth Commission (Kummissjoni Zghazagh)

Contact Person: Mr Reuben A. Degabriele - Tel: 99474370

Media Commission (Kummissjoni Media)

Contact Person: Joe Felice Pace - Tel: 21445510 Email:

Family Commission (Kummissjoni Familja)

Contact Persons: Jason Vassallo – Tel: 21443642 / 79899882 Email:

Commission Implimentation of the Synod

Contact Person: Angele Cassar – Tel: 21445518 / Email:

Commission Balzan Heritage

Contact Person: Salvu Muscat – Tel: 21496682 / Email:

Economic Council (Kunsill Ekonomiku)

Contact Person: Salvu Muscat - Tel: 21496682

Patri Piju Prayer Group

Contact Person: Josephine Caruana Tel: 21435933

“Cuerdas” Quartet

Contact Person: Lindsey Mallia – Tel: 21445255 / Email:

Bereavement Group

Contact Person: John & Josephine Gatt – Tel: 21491823 / Email:

Preparation for Baptism

Contact Person: Victor & Marthese Cauchi – Tel: 21441477 / Email:

Communion Ministers Group (Grupp Ministri tat-Tqarbin)

Contact Person: Elizabeth Cassar- Tel: 21443651

Organists Group (Grupp Organisti)

Contact Person: Eileen Conrad - Tel: 21442719

Altar Servers Group (Grupp Abbatini Balzan)

Contact Persons: Josephine Gatt - Tel: 21491823 / 79491823

Mass and meeting at the Parish Church every Saturday at 8.30am

Maintenance Group (Grupp Manutenzjoni)

Contact Persons: George Muscat - Tel: 21441069

Santa Martha Group

Contact Person: Deborah Woodhouse Scicluna - Tel: 21491833

Group meets every Thursday at 9.00am to clean the Church

Parish Choir / Tifħir u Glorja Choir

Contact Person: Stephanie Borg Pardo - Tel: 79392897 Email:

Flower Arrangements Group (Grupp Arrangamenti tal-Fjuri)

Contact Person: Cecilia Abela - Tel: 21435573 Email:

Group Fratelli

Contact Person: John Pullicino - Tel: 21487472 / 99865634 Email:

Group Adoration (Grupp Adoraturi)

Contact Person: Josephine Gatt – Tel: 21491823 / 79491823

Widows Group (Grupp Romol)

Contact Persons: Marlene Coleiro – Tel: 79734395

Old Boys Group

Contact Person: Albert McCarthy – Tel: 21488365 / 79488365 Email:

Lecturer Group (Grupp Letturi)

Contact Persons: Alfred Falzon – Tel-21440982



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